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Westgren Ag Science Center




The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Ag Science Centers located on Eldridge Parkway, Telge Road, and Westgreen Boulevard provide a suitable and appropriate environment for CFISD ag-science students to raise animal projects for curriculum enhancement and assistance in meeting SAE (supervised agriculture experience) requirements.

The Ag Science Centers were designed to house CFISD market steers/swine/lambs/goats during the term of the CFISD Livestock Show/Sale. Students may request space during the summer months for non-CFISD animals, but that agreement for space will terminate two weeks before the CFISD lamb/goat/swine selections.

Special permission is required for non-CFISD summer animals to stay in the Ag Science Centers after that point. Each project is the student’s responsibility. Students should feed and care for their animals as recommended by teachers, industry, and manufacturer standards. Ethical treatment and feeding of animals required at all times, and rule violations will not be tolerated.

The barn for Bridgeland FFA is Westgren Ag Science Center

7750 Westgreen Blvd
Cypress, TX 77433
(near Cypress Park HS)


Each Thursday we will be holding barn workouts that should be attended by all students raising an animal at the Westgreen Barn. Below is the link to the Barn Workout sign-up. Barn Workouts are weekly SAE visitations done by the Bridgeland FFA Advisors that are in place to take weights, adjust feeding, practice showmanship, and received answers to questions that may develop over the course of your project. Barn Workouts will occur every Thursday from 5:30P-7:00P and will be done in waves. You are expected to be at barn workouts every Thursday. Please inform an Ag Teacher at least 3 days in advance if you cannot attend. There will be 3 time slots for swine and 2 time slots for lambs/goats. 9 students/species are able to attend each slot. Note: More time slots will be generated if needed.

Sign up for Thursday Barn Workout time slots here.


CFISD District Barn Rules Shelbey Scardino 8/7/2019 5578 KB



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