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2020 CFISD Livestock Show

Bridgeland FFA had a very exciting and successful week at the 26th Annual CFISD Livestock Show last week. The following are highlights from our school. Congrats Bridgeland FFA! 
Remington Castellese - 4th place
Emily Lewis - 6th place
Evyn Barnes - 7th place
Kade Krause - 10th place
Kim Lewis - 11th place
Eryn Barnes - 12th place
Isabel Ward - 13th place
Kyle Compton - 16th place
Jaycee Osina - 5th in class
Baylee Osina - 6th in class
Marisa Dodson - 1st in class, 3rd overall and Reserve Champion in Showmanship
Mason Birkelbach - 3rd in class
Claire Lewis - 10th in class
Azariah Hardy - 6th in class
Jenya Bray - 8th in class
Elise Hoffman - 10th in class
Evyn Barnes - 1st in class and 6th overall
Kyle Compton - 5th in class
Zach Jeffrey - 7th in class
Luke Schulz - 3rd in class and 13th overall
Eryn Barnes - 6th in class
Remington Castellese - 1st in class and Reserve Grand Champion overall
Aaron Hawkins - 1st in class and 4th overall
Sofia Lozano - 3rd in class
Grace Callan - 6th in class
Zach Bacon - 3rd in class and 10th overall
Morgan Cornman - 2nd in class and 9th overall
Brayden Turner - 2nd in class and 23rd overall
Kyle Compton - 7th in class
Joshua Benedict - 6th in class
Reagon Carter - 3rd in class and 16th overall
Abby Neff - 6th in class
Jack Stanko - 7th in class
Parker Combs - 2nd in class and 26th overall
Grace Callan - 2nd in class
Market Rabbits: 
Kade Krause - Reserve Grand Champion
Parker Combs - 4th place
Eliana Lake - 12th place
Breeding Rabbits: 
Adam Ferroukhi - 6th place Junior Doe
Daniel  Bueno - 2nd place Senior Buck
Bailey Smith - 3th place Senior Buck
Isabella Hernandez - 7th place Senior Buck
Jack Stanko - 2nd place Senior Doe
Kade Krause - 5th place Senior Doe
Jordan Conville - 7th place Senior Doe
Isabel Ward - 10th place Fresh Flower Arrangement
Isabel Ward - 8th place Silk Flower Arrangement 
Ashleigh Whiteside - 8th place Fresh Flower Arrangement
Ag Mechanics: 
Blue Ribbon Projects shown by Isabel Ward, Payten Owles, Eryn Barnes, Owen Hoefer, Abby Neff, and Kasey Klyng
Red Ribbon Projects shown by Kyle Compton, Drake Bonvillain, and Mason Birkelbach 


2020 Premium Sale Results Shelbey Scardino 8/21/2020 213 KB
2020 Champions & Class Winners Shelbey Scardino 8/21/2020 273 KB



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