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Cypress Buyers Association Scholarship Information

Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. Scholarship Information

Mission / Vision
The Cypress Buyers Association, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created in 2015, to support local FFA Students, through the purchase of SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) projects, add-on donations and scholarships.

General Scholarship Information
The Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. Scholarship is a one-time, merit-based scholarship awarded to selected applicants. Eligible applicants must be Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District graduating seniors who have been members of the FFA for at least two years during high school. The total amount of funds available for scholarships will be determined annually by the Cypress Buyers Association Inc. Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will manage the scholarship application program. The Board of Directors will review all applicants and determine the final scholarship award. Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. is not obligated to award all funds allotted for each year nor may they exceed the maximum allotment. Awarded scholarship funds will be directly paid to the institute of higher education on behalf of the recipient. It is the responsibility of the awarded recipient to provide proof of acceptance as well as payment and account information for the school they will be attending. Scholarship funds will be distributed at the beginning of the fall semester immediately following the award of the scholarship.

A fair and equitable point system, as outlined in this document, will be used to assist in the evaluation scholarship candidates. However, the Board has the authority to make adjustments in special circumstances on a case by case basis.

The primary sources of income for the Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. Scholarship is through fundraisers and any donations to Cypress Buyers Association, Inc.

While not a separate point category, student participation in support of any their local chapter fundraising activities (meat sales, craft shows, etc) is expected and will be a consideration.

Annual scholarship applications, including the essay topic will be made available no later than February 1 each year. Applications for 2020 must be completed, mailed to Cypress Buyers Association, Inc., and postmarked no later than April 17th, 2020. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request and turn in the scholarship application. Scholarship recipients will be notified and names published at website and Facebook page.

Scholarship Criteria

Fair, objective criteria are essential for evaluating scholarship candidates. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the strength of a scholarship applicant based on program participation, program accomplishments, leadership, academic success, extra- curricular involvement, essay content, and strength of interview (if applicable).

Scholarship Payment

It is the recipient’s responsibility to furnish proof to Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. of enrollment to an accredited college, university, trade or technical school of his / her choice. The recipient has until February 15th of the year following high school graduation to claim his / her scholarship funds. Funding may take up to 30 days to process. The scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college, university, trade or technical school and it is the recipient’s responsibility to furnish the correct name, address and contact person where the funds shall be sent. If the information is not given to Cypress Buyers Association, Inc. by Feb. 15th of the year following high school graduation, the recipient could forfeit the scholarship funds.

Scholarships must be postmarked by April 17, 2020.


CBA 2020 Scholarship Letter Shelbey Scardino 8/12/2020 113 KB
CBA 2020 Scholarship Application Shelbey Scardino 8/12/2020 229 KB



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