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FFA Official Dress
Texas FFA Official Dress Standards      
Below is the Texas FFA Association Official Dress Standards. Any changes that National FFA has made for their official dress does not automatically apply to Texas but must be adopted by the Texas FFA Board of Directors. Therefore, all members are still required to follow the Texas FFA guidelines -as opposed to the National FFA Standard - at any and all official Texas FFA function, including contests and conventions.
Official Dress for Male Members*      
  • Black dress slacks (No jeans, leather, pleather, etc)
  • White dress shirt
  • Official FFA necktie.  
  • Black dress shoes with closed heel and toe. Dress boots are acceptable. 
  • Black socks
  • An official FFA jacket zipped to the top. The collar should be turned down, and the cuffs buttoned.
    Official Dress for Female Members*      
  • Black skirt or black dress slacks.(No jeans - blue or black, leather, pleather, etc.)
  • White collared blouse
  • Official FFA blue scarf
  • Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe (No boots, sandals, tennis shoes, etc. Shoes may not have sequins, sparkles, or any other accessories.)
  • Black nylon hosiery
  • An official FFA jacket zipped to the top

  • * Official garb of recognized religions may be worn with Official Dress



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