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Horse Judging

This CDE allows members to observe and evaluate in order to rank horses based on breed characteristics and conformation. Performance classes are evaluated within various equestrian styles. American Quarter Horse standards are used in performance classes. Three or four member teams with the top three scores counting toward team score.

State winning team advances to national competition which is held during the National FFA Convention in late October.


2017-21 Horse Judging Rules Shelbey Scardino 8/10/2020 123 KB
2017-21 Horse Judging Drop Sheet Shelbey Scardino 8/10/2020 67 KB
2017-21 Horse Judging Scan Sheet Example Shelbey Scardino 8/10/2020 668 KB
Performance Question Bank Shelbey Scardino 8/10/2020 14 KB



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