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How to Order an FFA Jacket

The chapter will be placing two jacket orders in the Fall. Please get with an advisor to get sized and have your order placed. Jacket payment through the chapter will be available on School Cash.

Jacket Order Deadline #1: September 25th, 2020

Jacket Order Deadline #2: October 30, 2020

To order an FFA Jacket on your own, follow the following directions:
  1. Go to ""
  2. Click on either "MEN" or  "WOMEN"
  3. Click on "JACKETS"
  4. Click on either "TAILORED" or "OFFICIAL" to select the type of jacket you would like - this will take you to a page with a size box and different items to fill in. Click the drop down Size Chart and select your size. Note: A tailored jacket is fitted to your students exact measurements while the official jackets are basic sizes. It is our suggestion that you try on jackets here at school before purchasing to give you an idea of your size. Use the sizing guides below to help measure for a tailored jacket.
  5. Click "PERSONALIZE"
  6. "CHAPTER NUMBER" is TX1195
  7. "ADVISOR NAME" is either Adrianna Baird OR Helene Munro OR Amanda Neuendorf OR Shelbey Scardino
  8. "FRONT LINE 1" is your first and last name
  9. "FRONT LINE 2" is if the student wishes to have their office below their name, they can fill that in. If a student is NOT an officer and would like to add the year to their jacket, then use this line for the year.
  10. "FRONT LINE 3" is also optional - if the student wishes to have the year of their office stitched on as well.
  11. NO "FRONT LINE 4"
  12. "BACK STATE LINE" is Texas
  13. "BACK CHAPTER NAME LINE" is Bridgeland
  15. Once you review the information, click "ADD TO CART"
  16. Go back to ""
  17. Click on either "MEN" or "WOMEN"
  18. Click on either "NECKTIES" or "SCARVES"
  19. Select a style that you like and "ADD TO CART"
  20. Proceed to checkout


Female FFA Jacket Guidelines Shelbey Scardino 8/11/2020 101 KB
Male FFA Jacket Guidelines Shelbey Scardino 8/11/2020 100 KB



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